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MASTERINGSTUDIO - Mastering online in Sweden is THE mastering house for you. Our skills as mastering engineers will make your songs reach that magic sound. Try our analog summing of your mixing and experience warmth and clarity of a whole new world.

As we use both top of the line Digital Mastering plug-ins and State of the Art Analog Gear we’ll bring the best out of the sound and accomplish an astonishing Master.

Mastering audio samples

Listen to some of the many, many mastering jobs we’ve done throughout the years at SoundCloud. We have a collection of mastering and mixing samples from different genres such as pop, rock, country, acoustic, oriental etc. Enjoy and just imagine what our mastering can do to Your recordings.


Our masterings are ALL INCLUSIVE

Note that no extra charge for mastering! Do you need Best Quality Mp3 320 kbps for streaming, or High Res. 24 bit Wave – No problems

This is included in our mastering:

  • High Res Wave 24 bit soundfiles
  • Mp3 320 kbps
  • Albumcover, titel, artist etc digitally included
  • CD-image DDP 2.0 or nrg
  • Inserting CD-TEXT, ISRC och EAN/UPC

EAN/UPC and ISRC are codes you provide us. The codes themselves are not included.

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Our clients speaking:

Vill bara säga att vi är skitnöjda med mastering jobbet och trycket av vår CD. Hoppas vi kan sälja slut och komma tillbaka för extrabeställning 🙂

Mastering in sweden
Slam Tilt

Bra pris och allt är professionellt och högsta kvalité. Har beställt flera gånger från Sweden Mastering och kommer att göra det igen. Superbra!

Mastering in sweden
Lasse Trofast
Min hälsning till öland

Tack för bra jobbat. Vi är mycket nöjda! Fantastiskt jobb!

Mastering in sweden
Gabi Yakob
Syrianska FC

Har gjort flera Mastering jobb och CD tillverknings beställningar här och är aldrig missnöjd. Billigt! Bra pris på masteringen och allt är perfekt varje gång. Rekommenderas!

Mastering in sweden
Slidin’ Slim

Our mastering gear

Mastering Your Music

Please use these options to send your materials: our ftp or Fill this form and we will get back toy you with a great price for mastering.

Analog Summing of your mix

Why use our Analog Summing Mixing? Well, the benefit of this is great. Now you can actually point EQ frequence of a single instrument, or give ONLY the bass drum an extra compression punch without touch the bass instrument. Master the vocals without minimizing the snaredrum. etc etc.

In short; Not to mention the glorious downmix summing of the NEVE box! It’s Lovely!

You´ll find your mix with higher brilliance and enhanced width with a tightness and warmth.

CD Pressing and manufacturing

We offer great round-up CD Pressing. Please contact us for more.